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LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT     Dip. FS (Financial  Planning)

Felicity Swinney has a well established reputation in the Melbourne Property Market. She has worked with some of the best established Residential and Apartment Builders and enjoyed considerable success  with sales. She has extended this skill and contributed her  considerable business network to IPBIC. As a Licenced Real Estate Agency, the company conducts sales across Australia and Asia. With well established connections in China and the Philippines,  Felicity conducts international marketing and business transactions.

The IPBIC philosophy is directly influenced by Felicity's philosophy on life, business transactions are to be to the benefit of all, with only winners. 

IPBIC is a Melbourne based Real Estate Agency. We specialise in Sales and Marketing of Property and Businesses from $300,000 to $35mill. With a wide network and an established loyal following we are able to source a wide range of investments tailored to meet the Buyers needs. We are Client driven, and seek to source suitable Land, Houses, Apartments or Business  opportunities to suit the brief you provide to us. Our services include:


  • House & Land Packages

  • Townhouses

  • Apartments

  • Commercial Property

  • Marketing Property overseas

  • Providing Property advice to overseas Investors

  • Sale of Businesses

  • Management of Property Portfolio

  • Rental Management

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